Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beige Shoulder Bag

Bag this for summer!
Under the flap reveals a zip
Under the zip reveals 3 compartments! (There is one in the middle)

There is a compartment which is also zipped for you to put your handphone, keys etc.

Size of bag compared to magazine

This is the actual colour

Item: Beige Shoulder Bag
Material: Thick PU leather
Colour: Beige with slightly tan spots all over
Condition: Never used before

Was: RM20

Now: RM10

Monday, December 6, 2010

V Neck White Top

Item: V Neck White Top
Size: 34/ul4-8
Material: Stretchy cotton
Brand: G2blu by G2000
Condition: Worn ONCE

Was: RM8

Now: RM5

PDI Halter Tops

Item: PDI Halter Top
Size: S
Material: Cotton
Condition: Worn ONCE

Black(Available), White(Available)